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Factors of importance to maintaining regular dental care after

This study aimed to revise an Indonesian language version  Perceived self-efficacy was measured by means of the General Self-Efficacy Scale (R. Schwarzer & M. Jerusalem, 1995). Meta-analysis was used to determine  The General Self-Efficacy Scale or GSES is designed for people ages 12 and up. The General Self-Efficacy Scale. Info: 1305 words (5 pages) Essay Published: 24th Nov 2020 in Psychology.

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4. I oväntade situationer vet jag alltid hur jag skall agera. 5. Till och med överraskande situationer tror jag mig klara av bra. 6. Tack vare min egen förmåga känner jag mig lugn även när jag ställs inför svårigheter. 7.

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Reference this. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit  The German version of the General Self-Efficacy. (GSE) scale, developed by Jerusalem and. Schwarzer in 1979, originally consisted of 20 items.

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General self efficacy scale

6. Tack vare min egen förmåga känner jag mig lugn även när jag ställs inför svårigheter. 7. Dette spørreskjemaet er basert på begrepet self-efficacy (Bandura, 1977). Skjemaet handler om Studies in two countries found that the NGSE scale has higher construct validity than the SGSE scale. Although shorter than the SGSE scale, the NGSE scale demonstrated high reliability, predicted About the General Self Efficacy Scale The construct of Perceived Self-Efficacy reflects an optimistic self-belief (Schwarzer, 1992).

I oväntade situationer vet jag alltid hur jag skall agera. 5.
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General self efficacy scale

This is typically assessed by addressing levels of confidence in performing tasks and whether or not someone can do or accomplish a given task. Coping Self-Efficacy Scale v. 06-08-10 1 When things aren't going well for you, or when you're having problems, how confident or certain are you that you can do the following: Cannot Moderately Certain do at certain can all can do do 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 For each of the following items, write a number from 0 - 10, using the scale above. hereby grant you permission to use and reproduce the General Self-Efficacy Scale for your study, given that appropriate recognition of the source of the scale is made in the write-up of your study. The international source is: Schwarzer, R., & Jerusalem, M. (1995).

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) using Rasch analysis in a sample of adults with morbid obesity. The General Self-Efficacy (GSE) Scale, originally developed by Jerusalem and Schwarzer in 1979, aims to assess this general attribute. In the most recent version it consists of 10 items and has been adapted to several languages [13] .
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Factors of importance to maintaining regular dental care after

Response Format 1 = Not at all true 2 = Hardly true 3 = Moderately true 4 = Exactly true Write the number that best describes your opinion in the boxes below. General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) Author of Tool: Ralf Schwarzer & Matthias Jerusalem.

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• 4. Jag har inga svårigheter att  av B Grahn · Citerat av 2 — results from a national survey of all general practitioners in Sweden. BMJ Open 2011 Perraud S. Development of the Depression Coping Self-Efficacy Scale. av S Hellgren — månader med en enkät samt Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale - svensk version mellan tre mättillfällen användes General Linear Model Repeated Measures till  Validation of a Swedish version of the Arthritis self-efficacy scale.

The scale General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) About: This scale is a self-report measure of self-efficacy. Items: 10 Reliability: Internal reliability for GSE = Cronbach’s alphas between .76 and .90 Validity: The General Self-Efficacy Scale is correlated to emotion, optimism, work satisfaction. Negative coefficients were found for depression, stress, health General information. Description. The General Self-Efficacy Scale is a 10-item psychometric scale that is designed to assess optimistic self-beliefs to cope with a variety of difficult demands in life. The scale was developed in German by Matthias Jerusalem and Ralf Schwarzer in 1981 and has been used in many studies with hundred thousands of participants.